Transferring Your UK Pension

Many of our clients have lived and worked in the United Kingdom earlier in their careers and make the transition to Hong Kong with the benefit of UK pension. In certain circumstances, it is possible to migrate a UK based pension offshore (thereby regaining control of funds) or indeed, move your company pension to a different onshore scheme via a self invested pension program. Regaining control of your pension is very beneficial from a tax perspective and certainly in those instances when the transferring company scheme is underfunded.

The right advice is crucial when considering any pension transfer and our approach is based on a thorough analysis of each client’s circumstances. We aim to ensure that our clients have the information to hand on which to base one of the most important financial decisions they will make. For many, existing arrangements will prove to be the most suitable. For some, there may be alternatives that present a more attractive proposition. As always, our focus will be on meeting individual need.

Our Directors are able to advise on all matters relating to Pension Transfers, to reflect jurisdictional changes and HMRC guidelines. For a consultation on whether your pension is suitable for transfer please email: